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Sluhg’s style of combining harsh industrial sounds with rave inspired atmospheres and melodies became unique for him. Aiming to create new and distinct music with influences ranging from floating pads, crunching drums and lots of acid. Releasing on labels like  Otomo or Grounded. the young talent from Glasgow plays an increasing role for current envelopments in the underground techno scene.


Hexual Sarassment

Hexual Sarassment is one of the most exciting music projects to come up this year. Finishing their first EP and working on DJ set recordings these days, the duo from Holland puts a strong focus on harsh noise, brutal industrial atmospheres and hard techno.
You‘ve been warned: Hexual Sarassment is something for brave ears.

Rome’s techno scene would not be the same without SÆDEM. At his Noise Lab events he regularly invites artists which fit his vision. A night of unbounded techno aiming to drive your mind and soul crazy. His deep connection to the city he lives in can be experienced through his productions which feature field recordings embedded in dystopian sound landscapes cemented with brutal kicks. [1/2 of The Purifiers]

Focusing on an authentic artistic and personal expression IN/JXRX’s productions are highly valued by many labels and DJ’s for their inexorable baselines and disturbing melodies. His tracks power and attraction are made by strident synths, absolutely banging kicks and other sounds fabricated by analog machines in his well planned studio in Naples, Italy. He prepared his first live sets in early 2018 and is going to be featured on many formats and different labels this year.


The young dutch talent was instantly noticed by a larger international audience after releasing his first track productions. Always astonishing his audience with a large variety of styles and influences in his DJ sets Oguz became one of the most remarkable artists developing a thoroughgoing and unique industrial sound.


Haedes started to follow his own vision of a raw and powerful sound when not too many people were prepared for such heavy and furious techno. Looping in a lot of wild acid tunes into his productions and DJ sets, Haedes' sound is a fresh and well thought out actualization of dutch hardcore techno

dj/hybrid live

Oddz is active in the Ramallah underground for over ten years already organizing Parties, DJing and bringing Techno and Underground Vibes to Palestine. The effort he put in building up this scene didn’t stay unnoticed, that’s what brought him to cities like Amman, Berlin, Beirut, Vienna and Istanbul. Where his unpredictable yet amazing sets fascinated people every time.


ErrorDrive developed a unique style which is characterized by complex and well arranged sonic images which leave his listeners highly addicted. To bring his sound where it is now he experimented a lot to built his studio until it fulfilled all his high standards.
Inspired by styles as acid, glitch and noise his tracks and live sets implement these elements very differently, expressing ErrorDrive's progressive vision of variously shaped hardcore techno.

Giovanni d'Auria

Violent kicks, hypnotic EBM inspired synths, produced with an analog set up - that’s what Giovanni d’Auria’s productions became well known for. Continuously releasing rave anthems one after another, it’s time for the former NuT academy graduate to take over some stages himself. Proving to a bigger audience what precise idea of his sound as an interstage of Industrial Techno, EBM and harsh noise he has with his last EP ‘Orchideous’ on Blacklapse Records, we are happy to announce Giovanni has joined our roster.

Cosmic Assault
Stiring up Italy's techno scene with his partner in crime SÆDEM and his event series Noise Lab, there is no more time to waste for Cosmic Assault to unveil his concept of fractured yet groovy and consequent banging tracks and DJ sets to an international audience. Reconciling tensed acid inspired melodies, complex arranged noise and kicks not of this world, you won't forget Cosmic Assault's productions that soon.
The Purifiers
Listening to The Purifiers' DJ sets and their own track production you'll instantly get a feeling for their skills to shake a ware house foundation with kicks coming thick and fast. When it comes to infecting the crowd with their inimitable motivation and passion for electronic music no one can put one over the young roman talents and Noise Lab organizers SÆDEM and Cosmic Assault, who built up The Purifiers as their duo project.
Aneed’s universal approach to his music is highly connected to his biography. It separates him from many other artists and genre borders in general. Overspinning kicks meet complex arranged industrial noise which isn’t ending up in accustomed 4-to-the-floor tracks but in his unique interstage of Techno and EBM. Aneed is also part of Hard Vision collective since the very beginning.

Rephate's own productions are highly distinctive due to their dramatic synth lines and escalating structure. Embedding harmonic melodies in unbelievable hard productions became Rephate's trade mark. The Portuguese Talent gained a lot of attention through building up his label "Blacklapse Records" working on a solid program together with underground artists as well as established artists.

Ayahuasca's name reflects the program: His style of trippy industrial and oldschool hardcore inspired productions is very exceptional and unique in nowadays techno scene. In his Dj sets he developes an unbounded style of mixing especially fast and dramatic tracks still with an experimental approach.


Inspired by nowadays cyber reality L Ʌ V Σ N’s productions contain deconstructed and re-assembled elements from pop genres. Combing these with melodic and dystopian sounds her sets and track productions assume a futuristic and unique shape. Valued by fans and listeners all over Europe for not missing a bit of hardness and power, her work clearly refers to the roots of techno as a 90’s youth counter culture.